8 days cold with Icey Tek Gel Ice Bricks.

Date Posted:6 December 2023 

This is an email from an avid customer, who loves our gel ice bricks and recently kept his food cold for 8 days while on a trip.



The new bricks went well

I have a 10 yo 65 L  Evakool. I use it because it has small footprint inside my Hiace compared to newer coolers plus your bricks fit the straight sides very well

I use 1x old size 4, 2x new size 4 and 2 each of old and new size 2 bricks plus a 2 litre piece of sacrificial ice and a frozen juice bottle all arranged around the walls and floor of the box

We got 8 days at 5 degrees or less as general food , milk and juice storage which was a good time period

My guess was it was about 40% ice and bricks in the box

The liquid old style 2 bricks thaw the fastest. Pity they don't have the other gel, but you can't win them all

My theory about the longevity is that even a thawed brick is cooler than air in the box so the frozen ones with gel get a bit extended with their coolness

Do you have any other suggestions or we have probably reached our limit?

My reply was then.


8 days is a great result and thanks for sharing that with us.

The only other way I have found to extend the bricks, would be to Pre-cool the ice box with something frozen 12 hours before you ;load it with bricks and food.

Then also, if you have meat or anything that can be frozen, is to freeze it, then load it frozen, it will be colder than just refrigerated meat and last longer as it slowly thaws.

To which Ian replied


I already do the pre cool and pack the chilled contents

In my opinion the volume of 40% roughly instead of the 30 % bricks is a big driver  in the longevity compared to 5 days in the past

Also the gel style bricks in the size 4 last much better than the liquid filled bricks



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