About Us

Icey-Tek was originally started in Australia in the late 1990’s by three guys who saw there was a market for a polyethylene icebox that had the same ice retention capabilities as a fibreglass icebox but was more rugged and durable and able to be thrown around and even jumped on.

The first models were pretty basic with butt hinges, a locking device and lid lifting handle on the icebox. At the first show we attended in Brisbane we were told by one of the companies manufacturing the fibreglass iceboxes that we would not affect their sales with the Icey-Tek Iceboxes but history has proved that wrong and now they are all selling polyethylene iceboxes as well.

Over the next couple of years we make a few improvements to our iceboxes which included rubber latches, heavy duty self locking hinges and a waterproof seal around the lid which made the Icey-Tek brand a preferred icebox from the other brands on the market.

The three of us involved in the business have a passion for the outdoors enjoying sports like surfing, camping, hunting, free diving and fishing and it wasn’t long before we developed a range of long iceboxes that nobody else in Australia were doing at the time. These long iceboxes where designed for fisherman who could finally put there catch into an icebox without having to curl the tail or head up the side of the icebox. Campers to love this style of icebox and to this day they are our best selling range.

Once the Icey-Tek range started to cover Australia we received enquiries from overseas countries that had seen our iceboxes here and were wanting to become distributors in their own countries so now the Icey-Tek Iceboxes can be found in New Zealand, North America, the UAE, Hawaii, England and Europe.