Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the ice last in your iceboxes?

We tell people that they can expect to easily get 5 days using our Gel Ice Packs. Use 2kg of our Gel Ice Bricks for each 25 litres of cooler capacity, per 24 hours of use required. You must pre-cool your ice box before use and make sure all food/drink inside are already cold from the fridge. Putting warm items in the cooler will greatly shorten the life of the ice.

We have had ice that has lasted 10 days in 33 degree celsius heat. It all depends on the way your icebox is packed, the ice you use and the environment you are in so here is a basic idea of how we advise you to get the maximum performance out of your Icey-Tek icebox.

If using ice. it is best to make your own block ice using plastic containers (the older the ice the longer it will last) then 1/3 fill your icebox with the block ice and put your food and drink in, preferably from the fridge as if put in hot the ice will melt quicker. We recommend that you loosen off one of the bungs slightly so the melted ice can drain off as we have found that when the ice has water around it the ice seams to melt faster. Storing the icebox in the shade and minimizing the opening of the lid will keep everything nice and cold for days. You can use ice in combination with our Icey Tek gel pack will also assist in keeping the ice from melting.

What is the difference between the Oneskin and Classic (Cube and Long Boxes)

Both ranges use the same type of plastic on the outside and the same type of foam insulation at a similar thickness. They do keep ice for very similar times. The Oneskin finish quality is far superior and features are integrated into the designs rather than added afterwards, like the Classic Range

The Classic Range interior lining is a different plastic, which does not hold smells.

The Oneskin has this same quality by using advanced moulding techniques with a super smooth and even finish, which is easy to clean.We have a lightly textured lid for grip and also to diffuse heat load from direct sunlight.

The Oneskin all have hinges integrated into the design, with no protruding parts from the rear of the cooler.

The Classic Range has separate, high quality hinges screwed and welded to the cooler, which protrude from the back.

The Oneskin Range has low profile Silicone Latches, which are easily changed by sliding out the pin with a flat head screwdriver. The Lugs and Receiver for the Latch are moulded into the base and lid and are virtually unbreakable. They have no sharp protrusions to catch fishing line or hit your knee on.

The Classic Range has Thermoplastic Elastic Hinges screwed to the lid to anchors inside the foam. The lugs are also screwed into anchors inside the base. These are fitted after the cooler is made and not integrated in the design.

The Oneskin Range has rubber feet on the base to prevent sliding in the boat or ute.

The Classic Range has plastic skids underneath. These can slide on hard surfaces if needed.

Oneskin Range has strong tie down points moulded into the handle for fixing in the boat or ute. The 14 and 22 have shoulder straps. The 33 and up have Polypropylene Webbing Handle with an Easy Grip Handle.

Classic Range Long Boxes, use the rope handles as your tie down point. Cube Boxes, use the tie down in each end of the cooler. Do not apply too much pressure on these tie downs in the CLassic Cube Coolers.

What warranty do you give?

Icey Tek iceboxes are 5 year factory warranty on all hard coolers for recreational use. This does not apply to commercial use.

Soft Coolers, Gel Packs, Fish Bags and accesories are 12 months Warranty.

Should you have any problem with an Icey-Tek cooler please email us via our Contact page.

It is the responsibility of the customer to freight the cooler back to the factory and the cooler must be accompanied with a purchase receipt.

Are your iceboxes suitable for storing food inside?

Yes, we use approved food grade plastic material. We have fish mongers that use our iceboxes to export fish interstate and overseas.

Can I use dry ice in the icebox?

Yes you can use dry ice in our iceboxes. However, due to the extreme cold of dry ice (-79 Celcius) the lids can warp slightly with dry ice, due to very large temperature difference from inside to outside. They usually go back to shape once the dry ice is removed.

Can we use the icebox as a seat in our boat?

Yes there is no problem with that, we even offer cushions for this under Cushions

Can the icebox be repaired if they get damaged?

Yes they can be repair by plastic welding, the material is LLDPE ( Linear Low Density Polyethylene. It ios best to get a professional plastic Welder to repair and cracks in the cooler.

What sort of insulation do your iceboxes have?

We use medium density Expanded Polyurethane, it is injected into the walls, base and lid and expands under pressure to fill the every orifice and bond to the tough outer plastic liner to create an extremly durable product with outstanding thermal retention properties.

Spare Lids Seals, where can I get them.

We can supply the seals if requied, please email us a picture of your cooler so we can supply the correct item.

If you need something urgently, you can get EVA Weather and Door Seal from most hardware stores. 25mm wide and 3mm to 6mm thick in EVA foam, with self adhesive will do the trick. However, we do not sell spare lids.

Spare Bungs - where to get them.

We sell spare bungs, but if you need something urgently,  For our classic Range from 40 litre to 300 Litre a 25mm BSP threads will work with some thread tape on it. You can get this from most hardware stores in the garden water pipe section. This is the same if you want a hose attachment for your ice box.

For our Oneskin Range or 450/600/760 and 1100 litres coolers, these can be purchased through our website or picked up from your local dealer.

Fish Bag and Soft Cooler Bag Repairs

If you happen to puncture one of our Fish Bags or Soft Cooler Bags. - The easiest way to repair is to use a product called Tear Aid.

Our Fish  bags and soft coolers from 2022 and earlier use Tear Aid Type B. These are made from PVC

Super Bag 110, Super Bag 150 and the Soft Coolers with blue inside liners we use TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane,) Tear Aid Type A is recommended on these.

What are your Soft Coolers made from?

Our Soft Coolers, Wading Bags and Fish Bags from 2023 onwards are made from TPU  (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Coated fabric. We use varying thickness material to best suit the application of each product. The Super Bags use the thickest at 840D TPU Coated fabric. The SuperBags also use a very high quality Airtight and Watertight Zipper that is Gasket Sealed along the entire zipper length. All other items use a qualtiy resin plastic zipper that will not corrode and has no metal parts. Both zippers are designed for years of trouble free use.

Our original Soft Coolers, Fish Bags and Wading Bags are made from PVC Coated Fabric. These will all have the ICEY TEK text in the logo the fades from dark to light blue. All new TPU Coolers will have the ICEY TEK blue logo as a consistant blue colour.

What is in your Gel Packs and How do they work?

We have worked out the ideal product mixture in our Gel Packs to keep your contents cold as long as possible. We are reluctant to disclose exactly what is in them publicly. All you ned to know is it is a non toxic Gel Mixture that is designed to stay frozen at O Degress Celcius for a longer time than normal ice.

These do take longer to freeze than normal ice, for best results freeze for 48 hours or more before use. These will bulge slightly when freezing, so do not jam them in your freezer, as they may get stuck, l;eave a gap above them for expansion.

These work extremely well to keep things cold for a long time, they work moderately well to cool down hot things and will take longer than normal ice to cool warm food or drinks. They coole the best with contact with the surface of the Gel Ice Brick.


Icey Tek Warranty Conditions

Icey Tek hard coolers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 5 years from the purchase date for recreational use only.

Soft Cooler, Gel Packs and Accessories have a 12 months Warranty for recreational use only.

To claim a warranty, we will require proof of purchase. Or take the cooler to your place of purchase.

The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. The warranty is for recreational use only. Commercial use where it is used in a business is not covered under our 5-year warranty.

For a warranty claim the cooler must not be drilled or screwed into, structurally changed, stored at over 50 degrees Celsius or exposed to un-necessary stress or coolers stored in permanent direct sunlight. The warranty will not cover coolers damaged because of abnormal use, regular wear and tear is also not covered. The manufacturer is not responsible for any accidental damages arising from use of our coolers.

How much ice should I use in my cooler?

The below is only a guideline, this is based on room already refrigerated items being stored and an average ambient temperatrure of 25 degrees and the cooler stored in the shade..

If warm or hot food is added  this effect this.

Also, the water needs to be drained from the icebox for ice retention.

Our 2kg and 3.5kg Gel packs can replace the equivalent weight of ice. Without need for draining the water out.


Long Boxes Approximate Ice Required per day of Cooler use.    
Item 24 hours or less 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
56L 6 kg 12 kg 18 kg 24 kg 30 kg 36 kg 42 kg
70L 7 kg 14 kg 21 kg 28 kg 35 kg 42 kg 49 kg
70L Split Lid 7 kg 14 kg 21 kg 28 kg 35 kg 42 kg 49 kg
90L 9 kg 18 kg 27 kg 36 kg 45 kg 54 kg 63 kg
115L 12 kg 24 kg 36 kg 48 kg 60 kg 72 kg 84 kg
160L 16 kg 32 kg 48 kg 64 kg 80 kg 96 kg 112 kg
260L Dual Lid 26 kg 52 kg 78 kg 104 kg 130 kg 156 kg 182 kg
600L 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 300 kg 360 kg 420 kg
Cube Boxes              
14L 2 kg 3 kg 5 kg 6 kg 8 kg 9 kg 11 kg
22L 2 kg 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg
40L 4 kg 8 kg 12 kg 16 kg 20 kg 24 kg 28 kg
55L 6 kg 12 kg 18 kg 24 kg 30 kg 36 kg 42 kg
82L 8 kg 16 kg 24 kg 32 kg 40 kg 48 kg 56 kg
105L 11 kg 22 kg 33 kg 44 kg 55 kg 66 kg 77 kg
135L 14 kg 28 kg 42 kg 56 kg 70 kg 84 kg 98 kg
185L 19 kg 38 kg 57 kg 76 kg 95 kg 114 kg 133 kg
300L 30 kg 60 kg 90 kg 120 kg 150 kg 180 kg 210 kg
450L 45 kg 90 kg 135 kg 180 kg 225 kg 270 kg 315 kg
600L 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 300 kg 360 kg 420 kg
760L 76 kg 152 kg 228 kg 304 kg 380 kg 456 kg 532 kg
1100L 110 kg 220 kg 330 kg 440 kg 550 kg 660 kg 770 kg