Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the ice last in your iceboxes?

We tell people that they can expect to get up to 5 days using block ice but we have had ice that has lasted 10 days in 33 degree celsius heat. It all depends on the way your icebox is packed, the ice you use and the environment you are in so here is a basic idea of how we advise you to get the maximum performance out of your Icey-Tek icebox.

Make your own block ice using plastic containers (the older the ice the longer it will last) then 1/3 fill your icebox with the block ice and put your food and drink in, preferably from the fridge as if put in hot the ice will melt quicker. We recommend that you loosen off one of the bungs slightly so the melted ice can drain off as we have found that when the ice has water around it the ice seams to melt faster. Storing the icebox in the shade and minimizing the opening of the lid will keep everything nice and cold for days. A good quality Icey Tek gel pack will also assist in keeping the ice from melting especially if you choose to use party ice.

What warranty do you give?

Icey-Tek iceboxes are backed by a hassle free 5 year factory warranty on all plastic components and 3 years on the latches. Should you have any problem with an Icey-Tek cooler please contact us on 07 55366815 to receive a warranty return number.

It is the responsibility of the customer to freight the cooler back to the factory and the cooler must be accompanied with a purchase receipt.

Are your iceboxes suitable for storing food inside?

Yes, we use approved food grade inner liners that will not retain any odours. We have fish mongers that use our iceboxes to export fish interstate and overseas.

Can I use dry ice in the icebox?

Yes you can use dry ice in our iceboxes without any problem.

Can we use the icebox as a seat in our boat?

Yes there is no problem with that, we even offer cushions for this under Cushions

Can the icebox be repaired if they get damaged?

Yes they are very easy to repair you just need to go to someone who does plastic welding. We repaired an 82ltr icebox that fell off the back of a ute at 100kmph. Another icebox had the lid chewed by a dingo and was able to be repaired.

What sort of insulation do your iceboxes have?

We pressure inject medium density ICI polyurethane into our iceboxes which is similar to that used in your fridge at home.

Spare Lids Seals, where can I get them.

If you need something urgently, you can get EVA Weather and Door Seal from most hardware stores. 25mm wide and 3mm to 6mm thick in EVA foam, with self adhesive will do the trick.

Spare Bungs - where to get them.

We sell spare bungs, but if you need something urgently, 25mm BSP threads will work with some thread tape on it. You can get this from most hardware stores in the garden water pipe section. This is the same if you want a hose attachment for your ice box. 

Icey Tek Warranty Conditions

Icey Tek coolers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 5 years from the purchase date for recreational use only.

To claim a warranty, we will require proof of purchase. Or take the cooler to your place of purchase.

The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. The warranty is for recreational use only. Commercial use where it is used in a business is not covered under our 5-year warranty.

For a warranty claim the cooler must not be drilled or screwed into, structurally changed, stored at over 50 degrees Celsius or exposed to un-necessary stress or coolers stored in permanent direct sunlight. The warranty will not cover coolers damaged because of abnormal use, regular wear and tear is also not covered. The manufacturer is not responsible for any accidental damages arising from use of our coolers.

How much ice should I use in my cooler?

Thje below is only a guideline, this is based on room already refrigerated items being stored and an average ambient temperatrure of 25 degrees and the cooler stored in the shade..

If warm or hot food is added  this effect this.

Also, the water needs to be drained from the icebox for ice retention.

Our 2kg and 3.5kg Gel packs can replace the equivalent weight of ice. Without need for draining the water out.


Long Boxes Approximate Ice Required per day of Cooler use.    
Item 24 hours or less 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
56L 6 kg 12 kg 18 kg 24 kg 30 kg 36 kg 42 kg
70L 7 kg 14 kg 21 kg 28 kg 35 kg 42 kg 49 kg
70L Split Lid 7 kg 14 kg 21 kg 28 kg 35 kg 42 kg 49 kg
90L 9 kg 18 kg 27 kg 36 kg 45 kg 54 kg 63 kg
115L 12 kg 24 kg 36 kg 48 kg 60 kg 72 kg 84 kg
160L 16 kg 32 kg 48 kg 64 kg 80 kg 96 kg 112 kg
260L Dual Lid 26 kg 52 kg 78 kg 104 kg 130 kg 156 kg 182 kg
600L 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 300 kg 360 kg 420 kg
Cube Boxes              
14L 2 kg 3 kg 5 kg 6 kg 8 kg 9 kg 11 kg
22L 2 kg 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg
40L 4 kg 8 kg 12 kg 16 kg 20 kg 24 kg 28 kg
55L 6 kg 12 kg 18 kg 24 kg 30 kg 36 kg 42 kg
82L 8 kg 16 kg 24 kg 32 kg 40 kg 48 kg 56 kg
105L 11 kg 22 kg 33 kg 44 kg 55 kg 66 kg 77 kg
135L 14 kg 28 kg 42 kg 56 kg 70 kg 84 kg 98 kg
185L 19 kg 38 kg 57 kg 76 kg 95 kg 114 kg 133 kg
300L 30 kg 60 kg 90 kg 120 kg 150 kg 180 kg 210 kg
450L 45 kg 90 kg 135 kg 180 kg 225 kg 270 kg 315 kg
600L 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 300 kg 360 kg 420 kg
760L 76 kg 152 kg 228 kg 304 kg 380 kg 456 kg 532 kg
1100L 110 kg 220 kg 330 kg 440 kg 550 kg 660 kg 770 kg