7 days Ice Keeping in Quilpie, Western QLD

Author: Icey Tek   Date Posted:9 July 2019 

People often ask, how long does ice last? This is the most frustrating question to be asked, as there are so many variables in how a cooler is used. The outside temperature, the typoe of ice, hot warm the items are, when you put them in the cooler, how many times it is opened per day, whether you drain the water or not, the variables go on....

However, I am confident in 7 days use, as I have done it myself while camping in Quilpie in Western QLD, Australia. The day time temperatures were between 35 to 40 celcius and the night time did not drop below 25 degrees celcius.

In a 56L cooler, I used 10kg of dry ice and 3 x 5kg of ice blocks. I had frozen my meat prior and put all my food in the cooler. I used this for 7 days. Every day, I would 2L to 3L of water that was at air temp, it would cool this and even freeze it for the first few days.

I made sure, I drained any water out of the cooler and did not let the water come in contact with the dry ice. The dry ice was wrapped in thick paper.

The dry ice was gone by the 4th day, the block ice had hardly lost any while the dry ice was there. Once the dry ice was gone, the wet ice was slowly melting away. It lasts longer if the water is drained out of the cooler completely.

By the 7th day, there was only a little bit of block ice remaining and everything in there was still cold.

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