Icey Tek Boating Features

Icey Tek Ice Box Range from 25 to 1100 Litre


Icey Tek has designed ice boxes with boat owners and fisherman in mind. Many of our features below are designed around boat use.

Inner liner is a special non absorbing plastic that does not hold odours. So if you left you bait in there without ice, a good clean will get rid of the smell. And the next time you put food in there, it won’t taste like your bait.

Dual Bungs - A bung in each end, so regardless of where the ice box sits in your boat, you can drain the water any way you want.

Premium Quality Plastic used which is resistant to sun damage. We are still using the first ice boxes that came out of the moulds over 15 years ago.

Multiple heavy duty hinges with marine grade stainless screws and pins. Which will not rust and break. Built for commercial fishing conditions.

Quality Polyurethane foam insulation. (We regularly keep ice up to 7 days, with day time maximums of 38 degrees C. and normal use by 1 person. Using a combination of block and dry ice. Then draining water away.)

High quality rubberised and UV resistant latches, will last for years.

Our Long Boxes have strong rope Handles, so you can lift a box full of fish and ice without them breaking.

Ice Box Tips.

To keep ice longer, it is best to drain the water out of the ice box. As a general rule, block ice lasts longer than crushed ice. So use block ice on longer trips of 4 days or more.

If you want to cool down, say a carton of beer quickly. Add water to the ice to make a cold slurry, and put your cans or bottles in the slurry, this will cool the drinks the quickest. But it will not stay cold for much longer than a day or 2.

To save on ice costs, just freeze bottles filled to 90% with water (which allows 10% for expansion). These are good for trips of 1 to 3 days long as the water trapped in the bottles melts the ice quicker. Or just drink the water.

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