Icey Tek Australia - The Australian Icebox Coolers

Icey-Tek Iceboxes are designed in Australia to not only put up with the rugged Australian conditons but to also put up with the punishment handed out by thier owners. We use the best products available to manufacture our iceboxes right down to the thermoplastic elastimer latches that can actually have a flame applied to and not distort.

Icey-Tek have an extensive range of iceboxes in two styles, cube ( 25ltr to 1000ltr) and long (56ltr to 600ltr) that are available in blue or white coolers in either style. Should you want your iceboxes in your corporate colours with your company logo as we have done for many local, national and international customers, we can organize this as well.

We have now been selling Icey-Tek iceboxes for over 15 years in Australia and have a very good reputation amongst campers, boaties and fisherman right across Australia and the world.

Icey Tek Cooler Dimensions

Long Boxes      
Item Length Height Width Weight   Height (Inside) Width (Inside) Base length Base Width
56L 790mm 395mm 420mm 10kg 650mm 310mm 300mm 740mm 380mm
70L 855mm 445mm 430mm 12kg 695mm 350mm 310mm 790mm 390mm
90L 925mm 475mm 460mm 14kg 770mm 375mm 340mm 850mm 410mm
115L 1100mm 490mm 500mm 18kg 940mm 390mm 365mm 1035mm 450mm
160L 1290mm 525mm 530mm 27kg 1125mm 410mm 390mm 1215mm 465mm
260L 1550mm 560mm 580mm 30kg 1375mm 470mm 435mm    
260L Dual Lid 1550mm 560mm 580mm 30kg 1375mm 470mm 435mm    
600L 2050mm 770mm 770mm 57kg          


Cube Boxes                
Item Length Height Width Weight Length (Inside) Height (Inside) Width (Inside) Base length Base Width
25L 450mm 375mm 420mm 5kg 330mm 280mm 305mm 420mm 380mm
40L 555mm 430mm 450mm 7kg 410mm 340mm 320mm 500mm 400mm
55L 600mm 470mm 460mm 9kg 465mm 370mm 360mm 540mm 410mm
72L 680mm 510mm 470mm 11kg 540mm 410mm 360mm 620mm 410mm
82L 700mm 520mm 500mm 13kg 555mm 435mm 370mm 640mm 430mm
105L 795mm 545mm 515mm 14kg 640mm 460mm 400mm 730mm 470mm
135L 835mm 565mm 575mm 16kg 690mm 480mm 450mm 780mm 520mm
185L 970mm 610mm 635mm 22kg 800mm 515mm 490mm 900mm 600mm
300L 1060mm 720mm 700mm 29kg 900mm 610mm 550mm 1000mm 650mm
450L 1090mm 825mm 880mm 35kg 925mm 700mm 680mm 1030mm 800mm
600L 1340mm 770mm 1030mm 49kg 1125mm 840mm 875mm    
760L 1320mm 860mm 1020mm 59kg          
1100L 1540mm 1110mm 1170mm 66kg